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Convenient & Fast -- All Breed Dogs & Cats -- Less Stress for your Pet

Marsha's Mobile Pet Spa is located in the Chicagoland northwest suburbs. With over 28 years of experience grooming dogs & cats, Marsha is the number 1 choice for your pet's quality, caring spa experience. Now mobile and on the go, Marsha's Mobile Pet Spa is more convenient for you. There is no more driving back and forth to the grooming shop.

Fully contained, air conditioned and heated van comes right to your home or office. Mobile grooming usually takes only 1-2 hours. Let us do all the work for you!

Your pet will have the same groomer every time, so he will be comfortable and his needs will be remembered and addressed. Marsha's Mobile Pet Spa does not use cages for pet 'holding areas' so you do not have to fear that your pet will be left unattended and ignored or overheated by a cage dryer.

Cats can be at ease free from barking dogs and a noisy, stressful shop environment. Special needs pets (senior citizens, young puppies or kittens, pets with auto-immune disorders or allergies, etc.) are welcome and will also receive the utmost care and attention.

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